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A LASIK surgery option growing in popularity as the Baby Boomer generation ages is monovision - correcting one eye for distance and the other for looking at near objects.

For these individuals who are typically 40 years or older, the need for reading glasses (sometimes called cheaters) is caused by a condition called Presbyopia. Presbyopia occurs with age as the lens inside the eye hardens and the muscles are not able to change the shape of the lens (much like a camera shutter) to focus on smaller, up close objects.

LASIK surgery can alter the cornea to create monovision that helps compensate for Presbyopia problems. In a typical LASIK surgery, the physician seeks to make your distance vision as close to perfect as possible in both eyes. With monovision, Dr. Cabler intentionally undercorrects (if you are nearsighted) or overcorrects (if you are farsighted) your non-dominant eye for close vision. For your dominant eye, he corrects as close as possible for distance.

The result is that you use your dominant eye mostly for distance and the non-dominant eye mostly for close-up vision. The brain naturally selects the clearer eye for each function. Thus, monovision allows one to repeatedly change the range of focus without constantly having to remove or add corrective glasses.

Some patients experience an initial adjustment period with monovision. Others love it immediately. During your pre-surgery examinations, Dr. Cabler will help simulate monovision so that you can decide if this option is for you. Some individuals who have been prescribed monovision contacts who later have experienced monovision surgery report that the actual results are much better than vision with these contacts.

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