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Letters about LASIK

June 2004

Dear Dr. Cabler:

June 9th, 2004 is a day I will never forget. Thanks to you and your staff I have the unique ability to wake and see clearly for the first time in my life. Since Diagnosed at age 2, I have been legally blind without glasses or contacts and thought that would be a part of who I am. My self-esteem was especially affected in Grade school when wearing thick “ugly” glasses (at one point hiding them from my parents-because of others’ ridicule, and my shame). Later contacts were an option, but not until jr high school-then I was wearing rigid gas permeable lenses.

As you know, until now, I was not considered a candidate for LASIK. When I first considered this option 4 yrs ago, I still was not a candidate because of my thin corneas with severe nearsightedness in 15/16 range and astigmatism. Because of your knowledge, skill, expertise and current technology with the laser, I now see 20/20 in my right and 20/25 in my left eye.

I would have never believed this was going to be possible with my original Rx, but you made it possible. Thank you for giving me the new independence, lifestyle, and freedom from corrective lenses. Words cannot express how I truly feel, but only happy tears. My old glasses are yours to keep and display for others to see what Laser Correction vision has done for me.


Susan Rollins
Houston, TX.

Feb. 19, 2001

Dear Dr. Cabler:

Thank you for helping me make the best decision I may have ever made for myself.

I can remember about three years ago during an annual routine eye examination, you explained to me the process of laser eye correction and told me then that the laser equipment had not been improved enough to correct my particular eye problem. Because you honestly counseled me and advised me to wait, I developed a great deal of trust in you and your medical knowledge.

Now, on January 23, 2001, the improvements to the laser equipment had been made, and the condition of my visual problems were stabilized, we became a team for visual correction. The decision to have this correction completed on both my eyes has meant so much to me, both personally and professionally.

I can ready so many things now without glasses - the road signs, the restaurant menus, and the church bulletin. I am very happy. Also, I appreciate all of the extra special care given to me during the short healing process. It is my opinion that you are a very gifted doctor and your staff is superior. They calmed by giving me additional information about the procedure and they were just so very kind to me when I was a little apprehensive. All fears were gone very quickly because the procedure is completed so quickly. And then my vision was restored!

I would certainly recommend this procedure to anyone who needs and desires a visual correction without glasses.

Thank you,

Dorothy H. Houston, TX.

Dear Dr. Cabler:

As you know, I did extensive research on the LASIK procedure and process itself, the alternatives, and the various providers, doctors and clinics. Once I had made the decision to have the surgery, I evaluated the various providers/doctors/clinics based on several factors:

EXPERIENCE: After conferring with objective close friends at church that are ophthalmologists and optometrists in addition to web research, I was able to gain an education as to what credentials were really significant. Dr. Cabler met all that criteria. His staff (particularly Joan) was very knowledgeable and confident. One attribute of Dr. Cabler's staff that had significant impact on my decision is that the vast majority of his staff (again, including Joan) had been with Dr. Cabler for several years (7+). If he takes care of his staff well, he is more likely to take care of his patients well. Other doctors/clinics I evaluated could not make this same claim relative to staff longevity.

LOCALITY: The location on Fannin is centralized, which is probably the best location the office could be and still be accessible by the entire city.

INTEGRITY: It was very important that the doctor and staff were honest, forthright, and maintained a high level of professionalism throughout the entire process. While other doctors/clinics seemed to have these qualities, at times I got the impression that they were trying to do a hard sell just to get my business. Dr. Cabler gave detailed and honest feedback as to how effective the other alternatives to LASIK would have been for me without consideration to cost or potentially losing me as a client.

STAFF PROFESSIONALISM: To a person, everyone on the staff carried themselves well, not only during the consultation and screening, but also during the pre-op, surgery, and post-op. Occasionally once someone commits financially, the level of courtesy and professionalism decreases; this was NOT the case with Dr. Cabler's office did an OUTSTANDING job of "putting up" with my detailed inquiries and questions, and in particular with those related to insurance and benefits. No other doctor's office/clinic was willing to go to that degree for me before I was willing to commit.

COST: It was important that the fee paid was "all inclusive", without any hidden fees. Some clinics charge for certain follow-ups, equipment, medication, or for enhancements, which was not the case with Dr. Cabler.

COMFORT LEVEL: All of the other factors mentioned above influenced this one. However, my conversations with Dr. Cabler put my mind at ease. He instilled a high level of confidence in his experience and knowledge, and he was willing to take as much time as needed to answer my many questions - in particular, those regarding future technologies and whether I should wait.

I also wanted a doctor that would be taking care of me throughout the process, including consultation, pre-op, surgery, and post-op. Other clinics operated under a different model. Houston has many excellent eye doctors, of which Dr. Cabler is one. While the logical side of me evaluated all of the hard data and facts and agreed that Dr. Cabler was a good choice, the emotional or "gut feel" side of me also agreed - which is what really motivated me to choose Dr. Cabler.

Gary J. Sham, Manager
Project Management Office
HP Computer Corporation

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